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fred griot


french poet and writer.
has been writing for
ever, mainly poetry and short prose. working with the “language as a paste”.
about fiveteen books edited (paper and digital).

travelled trough Europe several times, mostly alone, randomly, mainly by train.
outdoors job.

has been exploring writing via the Internet for many years on a work-in-progress basis, and combined with graphic design and the language's sound material.
has been co
nducting researches on soundtracks and performances as a physical aspect of text, solo, and with musicians (trio parl# : voice, guitar, drum).
100 performances and residencies in Paris, Prague, Bratislava, Bruxelles, Budapest, Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Bochum, Namur, Moscou, etc...

participated in the conception of publie.net digital publishing, created by François Bon.
member of the
remue.net editorial team for 5 years.
lecturer in digital publishing at the Sorbonne Univesity.

point not reached, still writing, worsens, sticks the knife in deeper.

and more on this website


thomas deschamps